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November 27, 2012
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You sat on the river bank, reading Hans Christian Andersen's work "The Little Mermaid". It was such a sad story, but you loved it anyway. Though it was hard to concentrate with the racket that was taking place down by the river.

Your buddy Alfred Jones had invited you to a picnic with his friends, Gilbert and Mathias, all of whom were currently thrashing around in the water.

Alfred climbed up onto one of the rocks. "CANON BALLLLL!!!!!"

The other boys attempted to run for cover, but alas, none could escape the American's enormous tidal wave. Alfred popped his head back out of the water. He looked over at you, waving excitedly.

"How was that (Name)?!?!" He shouted.

"Ginormous, Al!" You laughed back.

Gilbert let out his rather strange laugh. "Kesesesese!!! Ja! It's from all of ze fast food!!!"

"HEY!!" Alfred yelled at the German, before he began swimming after him.

"You cannot catch ze Awesome me!!!!" Gilbert cried as he swam away.

You nearly died of laughter at the sight. You shook your head and turned your attention back to the book. The little mermaid was just now saving the prince from drowning.

"(Name)!" You looked up to see Mathias jogging up the sandy bank toward where you sat.


In just his swimming trunks, Mathias looked FINE. Water droplets streamed down his sculpted chest, along his abs. His hair, which usually stood straight up, was now sopping wet and clinging to his forehead. The sun caught his damp skin casting a sort of glow around him.

Your face quickly heated up as he approached. He flopped down next to you, giving you a cheerful grin.

"Don't tell me you wear a sexy bikini like that and don't intend to get it wet?"

You looked down at your (color) (pattern) swim suit, a blush crawling across your face. "I—I can't swim…" You murmured a bit shyly.

The Dane's eyebrows rose. "Oh…Well, I'll just sit here and keep you company!"

The cheeriness in his voice caused you to smile. He reached over to the ice cooler beside you, grabbing a beer, his bare skin grazing your back lightly. He smiled to himself as he noticed your cheeks growing pink.

He leaned back, opening the bottle and taking a swig. His eyes traveled over to your book.

"Hans Christian Andersen?"

You looked up. "Hm? Oh yeah! He's one of my favorites."

"He was Danish, you know." He said with a grin.

You nodded. "I know."

Mathias scooted closer. "I'm Danish."

You blushed at the sudden closeness of him. "Y-yes. I'm aware."

He leaned his head into the crook of your neck, whispering against your skin. "You know what this means, don't you?"

You shook your head vigorously, your face a dark pink now. "No…What?"

"It means… we're both…. Danish."


You giggled. "Yes?"

"So then, logically, I am one of your favorites, too." He said with a huge grin.

You let out a laugh at the Dane's flirting attempt. "One of my favorite 'whats'?"

At this Mathias made a confused face, his cheeks turning a bit red. "I—uh—Well, I don't know-- What is it you like?" He stuttered.

You thought about it for a moment. "Well--"

"HEY (NAME)!!!"

The two of you looked up to see Alfred running toward you. "Come on, you've had enough reading time!"

You looked up at him when he reached you, a bit confused. "But Al--"

Before you knew what was happening you were suddenly slung across Alfred's shoulder, bouncing up and down as he jogged back down the bank. You swatted at his back squealing.


"No chance!" he laughed as he climbed up onto the rock he had jumped off of earlier. "You are getting soaked before the day's over!"

Panic suddenly seized you. He wasn't really going to, was he?

"Alfred, wait!"

"One!" He counted down.

"No wait Alfred put me down! Seriously!" You struggled against the American's strong grip.


"Alfred, I can't--!"


Mathias watched the splash as you entered the water. His eyes widened.

"(NAME)!" He shouted, rushing up from his spot. He ran down the bank, searching for a sign if your presence in the water.

Alfred scratched the back of his head. "She should have come up by now."

Mathias looked up at him. "She can't swim, stupid!"

Alfred let out a nervous laugh. "Oh yeah. I keep forgetting that…WELL DON'T WORRY (NAME)! THE HERO WILL—GAH!"

Alfred landed with a splash as Mathias pushed him off of the rock. "Out of the way, yank! The King of Northern Europe has GOT THIS!"

He dove into the swift river water, his body mass taking him deeper than he expected. He opened his eyes looking around. He spotted something on the river floor and swam down to it. It was (Name), her eyes closed, drifting loosely in the water. He gripped her around the waist attempting to pull her up but met resistance.

A fallen log had her ankle in a merciless grip. Mathias felt his lungs begin to ache for oxygen as he swam down deeper to free (Name's) ankle. He grabbed her waist and lunged back up to the surface, breaking the water and letting out a desperate gasp.

"Dude is she okay?" Alfred asked, worry in his voice.

Mathias looked down at (Name), limp as a ragdoll. He hurriedly  waded to shore, setting her down gently on the sand. He bent his head down to her chest, listening for something.


"Bro, give her ze mouth to mouth!" Gilbert demanded in a panic.

"No bro, you gotta push on her chest first!"

"WOULD BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP?" Mathias let out a frustrated growl. He looked back down at

(Name), tilting her head back, opening her mouth slightly. He leaned his head down, pressing his lips to hers and gave an exhale of air.

He pulled back, placing his fists on her chest, pushing it down in a rhythm of 1-2-3-4. He leaned back down, connecting their lips and exhaling again.

1-2-3-4. Exhale.

1-2-3-4. Exhale.


He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers one last time, exhaling. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open. She began to cough, water making its way out of her mouth and nose.

"(NAME)!" The boys cried in unison.

You looked up at them, confusion riddling your expression.

"What…KHOFF!!.....happened?" You mumbled, your head feeling dizzy.

"YOU DIED!" Alfred laughed nervously.

"Zanks to ze Yankee." Gilbert added. "But ze Dane brought you back."

You looked over at Mathias, a light blush all the way to your ears. You smiled. "Thanks…"

He blushed, too. "No problem."

After a moment of silence, Alfred cried "I don't know about you guys, but I've had enough of the water! Let's head back to my place for some video games and food!!!"

"Ze Awesome me agrees!!!"

The American and German grabbed up the cooler and towels and bolted for the car.

You looked up at Mathias, and offered him your hand. "Help me up?"

Mathias grinned. "Sure."

But instead of helping you stand up, he simply scooped you up bridal style into his arms. You giggled as the two of you began walking toward the car.

"You realize I technically kissed you, right?"

"Shut up, Dane."
Stupid America. Drowning the reader and what not. So irresponsible.
Request for :icontobi-chann:
Hope it pleases you~
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ajmonkeygirl99 Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XD What if instead of, "YOU DIED!" America had said, "I KILLED YOU!" Bah, stupid Yankee is stupid. But I enjoyed this very much! :iconyaydenmark-plz:
kickyou101 Mar 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Whoa, whoa wait a minute! Al knew I could swim! DA FUQ DUDE! You dont just forget the fact that a persone cant swim, seriosly not cool! =_='

at least the Dane had a bit of sense and saved me >////<
What is wrong with that Yankee?!
kickyou101 Apr 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Omg I know right!
Also your icon right now fits sooo freaking well with what you typed! :D
That's funny, because my cousin that somewhat resembles Alfred picked me up over his shoulders today xDD
My guy friends did that for my birthday. Then carried me outside to receive a birthday spanking. =_='
Roronoa-D-Riku Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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